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Premium Chamois VCR Cleaning Swabs

Premium video head cleaning swabs, genuine suede chamois. These are the finest chamois swabs available today.  The safest, most reliable method of cleaning video heads. Use with denatured or isopropyl alcohol. Instructions included.  Available in packs of 5, 10, or 25 swabs:


Pack of 10 - CS-10

Cotton Tip Cleaning Swabs

Pack of extra-long cleaning swabs (6" length, wooden stick).   Use with isopropyl or denatured alcohol.  The long length makes these perfect for those hard-to-reach areas in cassette decks, VCRs and CD or DVD players.  Use on audio heads, CD/DVD lasers, rollers, guides and other devices in the tape path.  Important note:    Cotton swabs are not designed to be used on video heads, and using these swabs on a video head can easily damage the head.  May be safely used on parts of a VCR other than the video head.

CCS-100  Pack of 100 Swabs  $3.69
Professional VCR
Cleaning Kit

The solution for quick and easy VCR cleaning!   Contains 10 saturated isopropyl alcohol pads, and 5 large (4" x 4") lint-free cleaning wipes.   Use one alcohol pad to clean the video head, a second pad to clean the remainder of the tape path.   Safely dry off the cleaned areas with one of the lint-free wipes. Perfect for easy video head cleaning, as well as the complete tape path.  This kit is designed for five fast and easy cleanings.   With instructions.
Kit for 5 Cleanings
Part no. VCPAS-5


VCR Cleaning Instructional DVD

Instructional video on the proper methods and techniques of cleaning and maintaining your VCR.   Covers video head cleaning, audio and erase head cleaning, tape path cleaning, and demagnetization.

VCLDVD-1    $11.95

Note:  DVD encoded in NTSC, Region 1 only.
Video Cleaning Pads

Large (4" x 4") lint-free cleaning pads, perfect for easy video head cleaning, as well as the complete tape path.  One pad easily cleans a VCR ... video head, audio head, erase head, guide posts, etc.  Many techs prefer pads to swabs.  Instructions included.  Use with isopropyl alcohol.

Pack of 5 - VCP-5


VCR Cleaning Kit

Contains 20 cotton-tipped wooden-handle long-reach swabs, 5 chamois swabs and 5 - 4" x 4" lint-free cleaning cloths.  The cotton-tipped wooden swabs are for cleaning parts of the tape path other than the video head.  The  chamois swabs make it easy to get into position to properly clean the video head, especially on VCRs with tight clearance.  And the lint-free cloths are great for cleaning the video drum thoroughly and safely.  Instructions included.   Use with isopropyl alcohol.
PCK-1          $7.95

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