JVC, Akai, Kenwood, Sansui, Sears, and Tatung VCR replacement rubber kits.

Sorry! No photos available for these VCRs.

Our MBK-06 series of replacement rubber kits covers several VCR brands and models that were built by JVC.   We have three replacement rubber kits for these VCRs. 

Contains all five belts that are used in these VCRs.   Your price is $14.95.

Contains all five belts and both idler tires that are used in these VCRs.  The idler tires are the only part of the idlers that normally need to be replaced.   Your price is $21.95

This kit is a complete rubber replacement kit for these VCRs.  It contains all five belts, both idler tires, and the pinch roller.  If the pinch roller in your VCR has never been changed you really need one. If the pinch roller has a hard glaze on it or the capstan shaft has a black build up the pinch roller has probably been slipping.  Your price is $30.95