XBox 360 Tray Opening Problems
Replacement Belt and Instructions

XBox 360 DVD Drive Belt
Problems with your DVD tray not wanting to open?   Do you have to tap the drawer repeatedly to retrieve your disc?   The drive belt is slipping and needs to be replaced.

Original XBox Drive Belt
(21mm circumference X 1.2mm thick)
Part Number XBOX-DB
$2.85 each

Fits all BENQ, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba Drives used in XBox 360. 

Designed for the following XBox Drives:

Samsung TS-H943 VERSIONS MS25, MS28
Hitachi GDR-3120L VERSIONS 46DH, 47DG, 47DJ, 59DJ, 78FK, 79FK

Part Number XBOX-DB
$2.85 each

NOTE:  Due to difficulty in obtaining stock of this belt due to high demand, we must limit your order to 15 belts per customer at this time.


The drive belt for the open / close mechanism is right behind the front of the drive face so once you open the drive, you can easily access the belt for replacement.


You will need:
- Tweezers in one hand
- Long thin small screwdriver (Such as an optical / camera/jewelers screwdrivers) in the other hand.  Alternately, you could use a toothpick or straightened paper clip, but the tiny screwdriver is a better choice
- Flashlight & someone to hold it


Open the disk tray for the Xbox360 then pull the power cord and all the other connections so the disk tray stays open. Remove the front face plate to the entire XBOX - as shown here:


Have a friend hold a flashlight while you have a pair of tweezers in one hand and the long thin screwdriver or toothpick.

Hold the belt with the tweezers so that when you lever the belt off one of the drive pulleys, the tweezers stop the belt flicking deep inside the XBOX.  This is very important - if you lose the old belt inside the unit, you may have to disassemble the XBOX to retrieve it.

Replacing the belt is a simple action of pulling it over the larger pulley and then, using the small screwdriver, dragging it over the smaller one.   Again, use the tweezers to hold the belt securely, so that you do not drop it inside the unit.

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