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Basic Soldering Kit

Kit equips the technician to solder and desolder quickly and effectively. Contains 30 watt UL Approved 120V soldering iron, 8" super desoldering pump for removing solder, 3S Wick desoldering braid for cleaning up PC board solder points, a small soldering iron holder with sponge, and a pen-type solder dispenser containing quality 60/40 solder for electronic work. Excellent value!   For use on 110V-120V AC systems only, as found in North America.

BSK-1          $16.95


Pro Soldering Kit

High performance, long lasting tip, 3-wire grounded professional soldering iron, 25 watts, UL approved. Small soldering iron stand with sponge. Pen-type solder dispenser containing quality 60/40 solder.  3S desoldering braid (5' roll). Pro 13" Desoldering Pump. A quality soldering kit for the professional which will stand up to repeated use, and give great results every time!  For use on 110V-120V AC systems only, as found in North America.

PSTK-1       $23.95

60/40 Solder in a Pen Dispenser

Pen-type rosin core solder, 20ga in a convenient pen-type dispenser.  Length of solder is 3 meters - about 10 ft.  Dispense only what you need.  Excellent for electronic work.  

6040P       $2.99


Pro Soldering Iron

High performance, long lasting tip, 3-wire grounded AC cord for safety. 25 watts, UL approved. Rubber sleeve for comfortable grip. Screw-in replaceable tip. A quality iron for the professional which will stand up to repeated use, and give great results every time! Compare the quality and durability with irons costing $20-$30 each!

PSI-1         $13.95

Replacement Tip for PSI-1
Replacement tip for the PSI-1.   Includes hex key wrench to fit the set screw in the soldering iron to facilitate changing the tip.    Part number 060607, $1.99

60/40 Solder - 1/2 pound Spool

RSR Electronics Rosin core solder, 60/40, .031 inch diameter (.79mm) in a 0.5 lb spool (227 grams).  Length of solder is approximately 165 feet, or 50 meters.  Designed for electronic work.   Fast-acting, non-corrosive and non-conductive core flux for fast soldering and a strong, long-lasting bond.  


3S Brand Desoldering Braid

Braided rosin-filled copper braid for removing solder and cleaning up PC boards. Just place the braid against the solder point and heat with the iron. Draws solder away from the board and into the braid. Clip off the used end and pull fresh braid from the roll. 5 foot of braid is on the roll, good for dozens of desoldering and clean-up projects.  3-S Braid is made in Switzerland and meets Mil Spec, NASA, and DIN requirements.

3SWICK      $3.49


Super 13" Desoldering Tool

The Big One! Rugged precision 13 inch desoldering pump. High vacuum for fast, volume desoldering. Uniform reset pressure. Heavy duty plastic. Compare with models costing many times this price!

SS-1       $9.95


Pro 7.5" Desoldering Tool

Powerful, quick desoldering action!  Heavy duty 7.5" desoldering pump.  Rigid metal shaft for lasting reliability.  Compact - only 1" in diameter, but performs like the big guys! Rugged Teflon tip. Made of heavy duty plastic. Comparable units sell for $12 and up!
NBW-74        $5.95

 Small Soldering Iron Stand

Economy soldering stand - holds hot soldering iron, prevents burns to equipment, workbenches and personnel. Compact 1 7/8" x 1 5/8" x " - fits easily in your tool box.  Holds any size soldering iron. With sponge for tip cleaning.
ESIS-1     $1.39

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